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At 10:31 AM 9/14/2004, you wrote:

>Sorry for the confusion. Here is my original post:
>I am setting up a catalog with 4 different pricing
>levels (these values are defined in the product/item
>I can display the price just fine on the results list
>and the item page based on the affiliate's pricing
>level value, but when any item is added to the cart,
>it picks up the default 'item-price' value and not the
>affiliate based-price.
>I'm sure this is to protect a malicious user from
>being able to order items at a discount.
>My question is:
>Is there a single place where I can put in the price
>level checking logic and have an item added to the
>cart w/ the correct price? If not, where do I need to
>make these changes?
>To which you replied:
> > > > Mark -
> > > >
> > > > There are examples of pricing Profiles in
> > > > yourcat/etc/after.cfg; start there.
> > > >
> > > > - Ed
>I took a look at the file. The desired effect is to
>detect the affiliate ID, and set the price_level
>variable to a value based on the affiliate (1, 2, 3).
>I have columns in my product table called
>price_level2, price_level3, price_level4 that contain
>the corresponding prices.
>What is the best way to include the logic in the
>after.cfg file? I tried a couple of variants but
>nothing seemed to work correctly. I couldn't find a
>detailed reference or example in the archives.
>Thanks in advance,

You can use ITL in the CommonAdjust string, so try something like:

PriceField      0
CommonAdjust    :[scratch aff_price], ;:price, ;$, ==:options

This presumes that you have first set aff_price in a logical place in the 
catalog, such as the catalog page you have designated for this affiliate in 
their 'url' field:

[set aff_price][data base=affiliate field=price_level key="@@MV_PAGE@"][/set]
[comment] the above assumes that the affiliate page name matches the key to 
their affiliate record
[if scratch aff_price]
         [set aff_price]price_level[scratch aff_price][/set]
         [set aff_price]price[/set]

If this is the only kind of pricing stuff you are doing, you can comment 
out the include for etc/after.cfg

### include etc/after.cfg

...and just use the PriceField and CommonAdjust directives in catalog.cfg.

- Ed

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