[ic] Variants

Kaare Rasmussen kar at kakidata.dk
Wed Sep 15 11:57:46 EDT 2004


I want to ask here after poking around for some hours and before I use more 

I have products that really are variants. sku 01-0091-3 is the full version, 
01-0091-4 is the upgrade version etc.

Thinking that the variants table is the solution to this, I enter the UI and 
edit the 01-0091-3 product choosing matrix option and enter the relevant 
portions for the product.

Then I expect it somehow to appear magically in the flypage of 01-0091-3. But 
it doesn't. Should I expect it here? Do I need to enter more information 
somewhere? Turn on a switch?

I feel a bit stuck on this subject and I would appreciate if someone could 
unstuck me...

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