[ic] RE: Help needed editing index.html - vonappliance

John Wolgamot John at Wolgamot.com
Wed Sep 15 15:58:32 EDT 2004

>>Hi everybody,
>>We are developing a PBX system called vonappliance, and we are using the
>>interchange site for the shopping cart confirmation.
>>But, I want to customize its home page. I am sending the link of the
>>site, where I want to modify the text. I am able to
>>change and modify the index.html page in the cpanel, but the changes
>>does not flashes on website. Please suggest some ways
>>by which I will be able to change the text of the interchange home page
>>as per our requirement.
>>I am stuck up in this, somebody help me, so that I can proceed in my
>>This is the link and I want to change the text which goes like this
>>"Welcome to the Interchange Foundation store! .................building
>>your custom site"
>>Please, suggest some ways to solve my problem. I will be very much
>>Sthiti Ranjan Sarangi
>>Adyasystems & Software Pvt. Ltd.
>>New Delhi

>That text can be found in catalogs/yourcat/pages/index.html.

>- Ed


Also... while editing the pages/index.html, I ran into the following
stumbling block.  John Beima sent me down the right path.

In the pages/index.html you'll find that the default welcome text is
surrounded with the tag reference [L INDEX_PAR1] as in the following:

    Welcome to the <b>Interchange</b> Foundation Store! This 
    site is intended to get you started building
    your own e-business site. Replace the stock graphics, products, 
    and categories in this store to begin building your custom site.[/L]

You can do one of two things.

(1) Remove the [L INDEX_PAR1] and the [/L] at the end and you will be able
to replace this welcome text in the index.html page with your own.

(2) Although the first way works, this second way is probably the way the
developers intended for us to do it.

If you leave the tag reference in the index.html and simply replace the text
between the tags "your" changes will be replaced with the default Welcome to
the <b>Interchange</b> Foundation Store!....... from the file:

If you go to your products directory and search locale.txt you will find the
[L INDEX_PAR1] tag reference in locale.txt with the default interchange
welcome message.

So if I'm correct, you can either eliminate the [L INDEX_PAR1] and place
your own message in the intex.html or you can place your own welcome message
in the products/local.txt to the right of the [L INDEX_PAR1] tag reference
as well as a translation of your message in other languages.

I could be wrong but by the looks of the file local.txt, it gives you the
means to have several translations of the same text and have the proper
language displayed depending on who is viewing your site from what country.
Not sure of the mechanics at this point in my IC learning process.

While this may be old-hat to the veterans around here this simple thing
temporarily stopped me dead in my tracks.

Hope this helps,

- Wolga

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