[ic] Very Simple UserTag - Failed Safe Check

Barry Treahy, Jr. Treahy at MMaz.com
Thu Sep 16 15:09:57 EDT 2004

Adrian P Wilkinson wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to define an extremely simple usertag in catalog.cgi called 
> 'lease-cost' that is giving me the following error when trying to 
> start up the catalogue:
> UserTag 'lease_cost' subroutine failed safe check: <HANDLE> trapped by 
> operation mask at (eval 219) line 3, <CONFIG> line 472.
> Here's the text of the code:
> =============================================================
> UserTag lease-cost      Routine <<EOR
> sub {
> You could lease this item for only _____ per month ex. VAT.<br>
> <small><em>[ <a href="#">Click Here for Details</a> ]</em></small>
> }

Go back to the drawing board, usertags are perl scripts, not embedded 
HTML...  You can write a user tag that will produce the above desired 
output, but it seems like overkill vs. directly coding it in the page...



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