[ic] Variants

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Fri Sep 17 11:48:55 EDT 2004

>>> kar at kakidata.dk 09/16/04 08:59 AM >>>
> Hi
> > I have products that really are variants.
> > sku 01-0091-3 is the full version, 01-0091-4 is
> > the upgrade version etc.
> OK, now I've got it working. It's easy and it looks
> very nice. It looks like that the way to handle
> situation where the main item is 01-0091-3 and the
> other choices are 01-0091-1 and 01-0091-4 is to
> create a pseudo-item called 01-0091.

You mean you created variants for an item before creating the item? 
That's kinda backwards.  :)

When you go to set up options for an item, the UI will first ask what
kind of options you want to use.  If you tell it to use Matrix options,
then the options page will let you create variants by combining the
options you've created.

> But it seems that there's no way to control the
> order of the order of the options. It sorts on
> option code no matter what I do.

Options have an o_sort field, which is used but hidden by default for
some odd reason.  you'll need to edit the view for that page so that the
o_sort field shows up.  Then go into your item's options and set the
o_sort for each one.  Lower numbers == closer to the top of the screen. 

NOTE: the o_sort field should be set before you create any variants.  If
it isn't, under some conditions, you may find that your items can't be

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