[ic] Conditional Discounts

Adrian P Wilkinson junk at puffin.org
Fri Sep 17 18:56:22 EDT 2004


Following on from the "I found the really complex stuff easy but am getting 
stuck on the simple stuff" series, I'm trying to introduce a 5% discount off 
of all products that have the "featured" field in the "merchandising" table 
set to "disc5pc"

I'm not entirely sure how to do the table value matching part, but here's my 
attempt in plain English:

[if merchandising.featured.[item-field sku] = "disc5pc"]
  [discount [item-field sku]] $s * .95 [/discount]

If someone can convert that first line into ITL (or a MySQL statement) then 
I'd very much appreciate it and will post back a code snippet to the group 
to put in flypage.html as my way of saying thanks.

Regards, Ade. 

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