[ic] Interchange Freezing Up

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Sat Sep 18 15:31:30 EDT 2004

Bryan wrote:

>>Maybe you should try starting IC in a different mode. I said you started
>>it in High Traffic mode. Try a lower one and see what happens then. How
>>many hits do you have a day and do you realy need High Traffic mode?
> I could try that but I think part of the problem is that I do get so
> much traffic.  The site has over 100,000 products and Googlebot and
> msnbot alone grabbed over 30,000 pages yesterday.  Googlebot was
> grabbing them every second when it could...
> How many hits per day should one have for high traffic mode?
> Thanks,
> Bryan

About as much as you are getting :)

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