[ic] Interchange Freezing Up

Bryan tquark at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 23:02:02 EDT 2004

> > I could try that but I think part of the problem is that I do get so
> > much traffic.  The site has over 100,000 products and Googlebot and
> > msnbot alone grabbed over 30,000 pages yesterday.  Googlebot was
> > grabbing them every second when it could...
>         It sounds like your traffic levels are causing your server to start swapping memory to disk due
> to insufficient RAM.

As I mentioned I have MaxServers set to 0 in interchange.cfg and am
also running ic in high traffic mode.  Looking through the archives
based on these criteria I found the post:

[ic] Verisign double, triple charges, sendmail and pgp failing -SOLVED

Specifically the text:
"...One of the last things we tried was to set MaxServers to 0. ...  Mike then
asked us to try rpc mode with MaxServers set to 0.  The reasoning behind this
was that a server could spin out of control in low or high traffic
mode if MaxServers is set to 0 but in rpc mode this is not an issue."

So I changed to rpc mode and kept MaxServers to 0.  So far so good but
Googlebot hasn't hit my site as hard today (unfortunately).

Jeff, you may be on to something there ... I have a gig and usage is
often close to that ... though until recently swap was usually lower
than 50M.  Now it's usually 100-900M


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