[ic] Re: First Timer Problems, yes i have RTFM'ed

miketan at multilearn.com miketan at multilearn.com
Sun Sep 19 03:45:10 EDT 2004

Thanks for your reply,

As my linux skills are 5 months old, theres probable a few fundamental
flaws in my thinking, so thanks for putting up with me.

i cant find free bsd 4.10 for sparc64, so i stuck with 5.1 NT.

i installed the ported version of interchange "i think 4.8" which
installed with no problem. Thats not to say i dont still have simple
Now i have read the documentation some what times, but i still have the
following questions.

if i am building the foundation store, i can find the foundation.cgi file,
i have given my cgi directory the right permission for the intrch user.

is foundation.cgi vlink renamed???

i have compiled vlink and during the make cat install i point the link
program to this directory.

how much work needs to be done to the apache config "httpd.conf". i have a
sample <directory> that has been installed by the makecat and i have un
commented this directory. As i am very new to all this, is ther some type
of guide that i have missed that talks about what sections need to be
configured in apache, or am i on the wrong thought????

Fustrated Mike

I read on the icdevgroup.org site that Interchange is very difficult to
> get
> working with FreeBSD 5. I'm using FreeBSD 4.10 on x86 hardware and there
> have
> been no insurmountable problems. I've posted a Howto and other info on
> getting
> Interchange working on my web site:
> 	http://www.w3trader.com/Interch/
> David
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> http://howto.mainstreamlinux.com
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