[ic] IC on Gentoo Linux (basic questions)

Carsten Jahnke carstenjahnke at web.de
Tue Sep 21 11:45:39 EDT 2004

Grant wrote:
> I would stay away from Bundle::Interchange if I were you.  I'd rather
> install all necessary perl modules as ebuilds.  They are all in the
> dev-perl category.  A lot of them aren't in Portage, but the IC ebuild
> and necessary perl module ebuilds are here:
> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59148
> You'll have to use them with PORTAGE_OVERLAY outlined here:
> http://www.gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Create_an_Updated_Ebuild

Why should I do so? What are the advantages I get out of building 
ebuilds of each PM?

> Interchange::Link is a mod_perl module that allows you to run
> Interchange without /cgi-bin/catalogname in your URL.  I love it.

That sounds great but where do I get it and how do I use it? didn't find 
anything about it on search.cpan.org.
Can you give an explanatory url?


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