[ic] Table xxx not found in databases

Dominic Tey interchange at dominic.per.sg
Tue Sep 21 14:20:49 EDT 2004


after recovery from a server crash, and restoring the Interchange 
from backup, the following situation occurred:

1) Options are no longer displayed along items, in the general store 
outside of admin UI (the items displays fine)

2) Details of orders are not displayed in the admin UI when looking 
at order detail (again, items and orders display without error)

However, upon selecting the ORDERLINE and OPTIONS tables both display 
the contents of the tables respectively.

Looking the the local error log, the following is noted:

"Table Options not found in databases" or "Table Orderline not found 
in databases"

Running on Interchange 4.9.5

All other operations do not give any visible error.

Thanks in advance,
Dominic Tey

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