[ic] shipping question - strange behavior

Mark Little mlittle13 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 22 15:59:38 EDT 2004

I'm sure you guys are sick of me today but I'm kind of
scrambling here to clean up a few issues so we can go

I have the following in my shipping.asc
FLATD	Flat rate	quantity	0	0	e Nothing to ship!	
{'PriceDivide' => "1",}
FLATD	Flat rate	quantity	1	5	f [var
SHIP_FLAT_DOM_RATE]		{'PriceDivide' => "1",}
FLATD Flat rate quantity  6 200 f  @@TOTAL@@ * 1.00   
{'PriceDivide' => "1",}
FLATD	Flat rate	quantity	201	9999	e Contact factory to
ship that many.		{'PriceDivide' => "1",}

It should take the total number of items and multiply
1 to derive the shipping charge. The * 1 doesn't seem
to be necessary, but I wasn't sure if it would work
with just @@TOTAL@@.


P.S. I have read the documentation and my formula
appears to be OK.

It works for 1 to 5 items, but when I have 6, I get
the following:
Note: No match found for mode 'FLATD', quantity '6',
returning 0.

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