[ic] Re: urgent - orders get emailed, but don't go into database

interch at w3trader.com interch at w3trader.com
Thu Sep 23 13:22:43 EDT 2004

> Has anyone experienced this before?
> The orders are being routed to verisign just fine and
> I get the confirmation email, but the data isn't
> entered into the transaction/orderline tables. No
> errors are being written to the log.

Yes, I've seen this before. It happened when the catalog was owned by a 
different user than the user running Interchange. I'm not sure exactly where 
the problem is but it doesn't happen if the catalog files are owned by the 
Interchange user. See my Howto for how I installed Interchange to avoid this 


If you figure out exactly what causes this I'l like to know.


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