[ic] Product Options (other products as options)

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Fri Sep 24 16:32:21 EDT 2004

Is there a way to set up individual products in the "products" database 
as options under the umbrella of a master item?

It seems that it has been attempted and then abandoned with "modular 
options"  Modular options clearly do not work. I wonder why they are 
part of the foundation??

I would like to be able to set up one master item with one price tag 
were the options and attributes of that master item are other products 
(with their own options and attributes).

I do not want a "group order" However, I want to be able to group many 
items together under one price tag and one master item. The customer 
should see only ONE line item with many options and sub options.

I want one master item with slave items in the products database as 
options to that master. Each slave item will have it's own options. 
There will be only ONE price tag for the master item.

Has this been done before? I would not like to re-invent the wheel on 
this. It seems like it would be popular. I would appreciate it if 
someone could point me to a good example with code for this type of thing.


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