[ic] Has multipart/alternate generated by [tag mime, header] been depreciated? (IC 5.2) / keaves

Karl Eaves karl at eaves.name
Sun Sep 26 19:03:18 EDT 2004

>>Has the "multipart/alternate" MIME type generated by [tag mime header] 
>>been depreciated?

>I worked on this bit of code for the 5.2 release and added 
>the attach_only handling at that time; I think I did change 
>the default mime type from multipart/alternate to
> multipart/mixed. My primary focus was to get the 
>credit card attachment on order reports to take and retain 
>a user-assigned filename, which it was not doing consistently on all >email clients before.

>I'm open to suggestions on this - perhaps the mime type should be 
>settable in all cases.

>- Ed

I think that it makes sense to have the DEFAULT_MIMETYPE in the catalog.cfg and the have a mime_type=... option passed. This will allow people to maintain backward compatibility if their catalog uses the `old` default setting of multipart/alternate and allows people to control the header if they want to use anything other that multipart/mixed.


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