[ic] Using $Global::UrlJoiner in Sub bar_link

Karl Eaves karl at eaves.name
Sun Sep 26 19:26:08 EDT 2004

I  want to add a few more options to the bar_link code and I use 
UrlSepChar in interchange.cfg to use : as my seperator. How do I refer 
DIRECTLY to the variable $Global::UrlJoiner is the bar_link code? I have 
tried different things and the only one that works is by using a UserTag 
that returns $Global::UrlJoiner; I see this as a bad hack because the 
[loop-exec] tag is there for speed. Invoking an object method each time 
is a bit of an overhead I`m not proud of.  I guess it is something to do 
with bar_link being in the before_catalog.cfg and the Sub statement.


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