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Ed LaFrance (New Media E.M.S.) ic_users at newmediaems.com
Thu Sep 30 13:14:12 EDT 2004

At 08:56 AM 9/30/2004, you wrote:

>Hi All,
>I've been staring at the bit of code below for about thirty minutes trying 
>to work out why it won't do what I want it to, which is to select "UK" as 
>the default billing country should the user not have something stored to 
>the contrary on their account (i.e. the user has just registered):
>      <SELECT NAME=b_country onChange="this.form.submit()">
>        [loop option=b_country search="
>         ra=yes
>         se=[default country UK]
>         fi=country
>         rf=code,name
>         ml=1000
>         tf=name
>        "]
>        <OPTION VALUE="[loop-code]"> [loop-data country name]
>        [/loop]
>      </SELECT>
>It prints all the options just fine but instead of defaulting to "United 
>Kingdom" (UK) for new accounts, it's defaulting to Afghanistan (AF) which 
>is less than optimal.  It's nothing stupid, stupid problem that's I'm 
>unable to move beyond because I've been working on this particular store 
>for such a long time and are just trying to get all the teeny-tiny details 
>Regards, Ade.

se=foo means nothing in the above code, because you are returning all 
records (ra=yes).

You can set the default for any value using ValuesDefault in catalog.cfg, i.e.:

         ValuesDefault   country UK

- Ed

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