[ic] Formatting data for a 'Table Import'?

Salvador Caballe ea3bkz at amsat.org
Fri Apr 1 08:39:02 EST 2005

A Divendres 01 Abril 2005 12:02, Steve va escriure:
> Is there a particular way that data needs to be formatted before it can be
> imported using the Admin UI?
> I am using IC 5.2 (I've also tried it on 5.3) with the built in database
> and have been trying to import tab-seperated text files into the products
> database. The text files are formatted in the usual way with the fields
> listed on the first line and the product data on the subsequent lines.
> Every time I have tried to import the text file I get the error "FATAL
> error - There is no column named 'SSRS' in  .../products/products.gdbm"
> 'SSRS' is the Sku of the first product In the text file, but I can't
> understand why it would think this would be a field name?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Steve

the first row in txt data file is the field data base  name

sku	description	title	template_page	comment	thumb   ...

see the products.txt sample file included in the standard or foundation store


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