[ic] &and + require in profile.order, how ?

ns linux at post10.tele.dk
Wed Apr 6 08:58:29 EDT 2005

I am missing (some) understanding of how profile.order and [error ... ] 
is working together, and it didn't help looking in the mail archives.

mainly I have two fields on my checkout page 'fname' & 'lname'  (first & 
last name)
in etc/profile.order I have something like

__NAME__                            order_profile
fname=required Firstname
lname=required Lastname

and the using in checkout.html
[error name=fname std_label="Name" required=1] [value fname]
[error name=lname std_label="Name" required=1] [value lname]

I get something like

Both values are entered:
Name  ..a firstname..
Name ..a lastname..

No first name are entered:
Name (Firstname)     (written in red)
Name .. a lastname ..

OK, what I really do want is
Name ..a firstname.. ... a lastname..

and did expect to write something like in profile.order
&and fname=required,lname=required Part of name is missing

and in checkout
[error name=????? std_label="Name" required=1] [value fname] [value lname]

I have tried quite many different combinations, but nothing works, 
please tell me one way this can be done.....

- niels

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