[ic] Soft goods file download

Jason Korkin jkorkin at korksoft.com
Wed Apr 6 16:44:56 EDT 2005

Hi all,

Having a little performance issue with regards to softgoods downloads.

We're trying to send our "large" files -- e.g. 70 - 200MB in size but they
are taking forever to begin streaming as a download.  I am assuming that the
$Tag->file() is actually loading the entire file into memory before
streaming the data out...?

I'm using the following Perl/ITL:

[perl interpolate=1]
        my $type = 'application/x-force-download';
        my $file_loc = "upload/" . $Scratch->{username} . "/" .
        my $content = $Tag->file("$file_loc");
        my $length = length($content);

        if (! $length)  {
                $Scratch->{not_found} = "1";
                $Document->header("Location: available.html\n\n");

        $Document->header("Content-Disposition: attachment;
filename=$Scratch->{filename}\nContent-Type: application/x-force-download;

Any ideas on how I can drastically improve performance?

Thanks in advance!


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