[ic] &and + require in profile.order, how ?

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Apr 7 11:06:07 EDT 2005

Niels Svennekjær [nielss-fjernmig at wipwap.dk] wrote:
> The danish government have made a set of rules for e-shops, when you
> fulfill this rule sets you can get something called 'e-mærket', witch it
> a kind of official stamp that you shop is a real "pro"-shop, and not a
> home garage thing. (you have to pay for certification)
> To fulfill this you must divide the checkout process over multiple input
> and accept pages.
> page 1:
>  Customer information, shipping and billing input pages, here you also
> have to select how you want to pay.
>  (missing info shuld return you to this page)
> page 2:
>  Control information and CC input page, here you must control your data
> (and be able to go back to the input page)
>  also you active have to press 'I accept' to the e-shop's terms.. and it
> must not be possible to continue if not accepted.
> (missing CC info, or errors from paymentGW shuld return you to this page)
> page 3:
>  "Your order is complete" page, with all information, so it can be
> printet localy, also there must be shipped an email (email address is
> mandatory)
> I will move the catalog to a test server, then I can give you access.
That's all easy enough to do.  I personally don't like multi-page
checkouts but if it's a local law then there's no choice in the matter.

Even with multi-page checkouts, you still don't have to let the user
proceed to the next step until the current page has passed its
defined profile checks.  The current page should be re-presented,
with any errors clearly visible and explained, until the page has
been submitted with acceptable information.  You should only present
the next step (page) when the current step has been completed

Your page 3 would be the standard Interchange receipt, but you
shouldn't be attempting to send users there until page 2 has been
submitted correctly and the transaction is complete.

In the text quoted above (page 2 description), you said "missing CC
info or errors from payment GW should return you to this page."
That is correct, and is why I'm confused about the implementation you
seemed to be describing in your earlier articles.

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