[ic] Rewriting URLs for SEO purposes - help!

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Mon Apr 11 07:28:55 EDT 2005

Cameron G wrote:

>Which is nice, except I'm still left with a URL that isn't terribly search
>engine happy. That's why when a client wants to buy a claw hammer, I'd like
>the url for him to read
>Or even
>And have that invisibly map to whatever it needs to in the background, all
>the while presenting that clean, simple, keyword happy URL to both the
>client and the SE bots. 

Unless apache can read actionmaps from a database (?), with a large
product catalog the system would become unmanagable and slow I reckon.

I understand what you are trying to do, as I was pondering the same
thing a few months ago.

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