[ic] Reference sites with interchange

Joachim Leidinger info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Mon Apr 11 16:46:10 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm searching for sites, which are using Interchange.
I need a list of examples for

- Community
- with Newsletter (and using mailing list software)
   (wich mailing list software?)
- book entry system
   (maybe with online training course)

Other example?
Auction site?
Other kind of site?

Other question:
How many emails is Interchange able so send (mailing list)?
Or when should I use an extra mailing software like mailman or sympa?

Thank you very much for your helps!


Dipl. Phys.-Ing. Joachim Leidinger
eBusiness & eCommerce Consulting Leidinger
E-Mail:   info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Internet: http://www.ebusiness-leidinger.de

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