[ic] how to access the price for options in cart

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Apr 14 04:40:39 EDT 2005

Tim Good [tim.g at edsd.com] wrote:
> Thanks for the response. Do you know how the checkout process
> adds to item-subtotal if a particular option is selected?
> For instance, if you select yes "installed" which adds $.20
> to the extended price. Where is this code located. Maybe I
> could inject code snippet to tally installed items there?
Throwing you in a completely different direction... have you seen
the "Order Groups" facility?  You can "link" multiple products in
the basket, so if you delete the main product, the "linked" product
is also removed.  It also wouldn't take a lot of effort to "link"
a new product, perhaps based upon a checkbox (and subsequent
recalculate) in items on the basket display.

You could set up your "installation" option as a separate product.
In the basket list, with its own SKU. Of course, you can display
and total these subordinate items in any way you see fit, so they
don't have to look like actual products if you don't want them to.
The advantage is that you won't have to jump through hoops in order
to get the shipping (probably none for installation), tax and
discounts to work as expected.

I don't know enough about your application to decide whether this is
suitable, but I thought I'd point out the facility in any event.  It
would certainly be something I'd consider if doing something similar.

See section 1.5 in the following document:


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