[ic] Using Interchange as a SOAP server

Dr. Michael Streubel michael.streubel at ibizplanet.com
Thu Apr 14 05:14:10 EDT 2005

Mike Heins wrote:

>Quoting Chris Sendall (cjs2 at admin.cam.ac.uk):
>>If there are no SOAP_Control definitions in interchange.cfg then the catalog.cfg
>>is not checked
>Exactly as designed. Since the SOAP module allows direct subroutine
>calls to the Interchange core, we don't want to allow them unless
>they are specifically enabled.
>If you want a promiscuous server then you need to put in interchange.cfg:
>	SOAP_Control Tag  always
>If you wanted to prevent only a few tags you would do:
>	SOAP_Control Tag 	    always
>	SOAP_Control Tag/writefile  never
>	SOAP_Control Tag/dangerous  never
Thanks for elucidating. But how about the reverse? I want a server with 
closed borders,
but only one of my catalogs opens the door for a specific tag.

If, in the global config, you say

             SOAP_Control Tag local

then the catalog config doesn't have any impact.
If you say
        SOAP_Control Tag never

you're done and if you don't say anything in the global config, existing 
doesn't look at the catalog config any more.


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