[ic] feed different product databases to different users

David Radovanovic dradovanovic at hvc.rr.com
Thu Apr 14 08:13:44 EDT 2005

I'm using IC 5.0.0 on FreeBSD as (password required) catalog for a medical
supplies wholesaler. For now, the catalog is NOT open to the general public
and customers (User_1, User_2) must log in to place orders. Since there will
be numerous customers in the future I have to be able to show them their own
specific product line which they can purchase from. For example: User_1 logs
in and finds a spreadsheet form of products available for them to purchase
whose items have his/her pre-negotiated products, prices, and quantities.
Using the SAME catalog, I would like to have the second user (User_2) to be
able to log in to find different product data with his/her own pricing, etc.
I've researched the affiliate/s, locale, and dealer functions though none
would seem to work, since the products that each user sees will be
different. I researched a Mall type install though that seemed unnecessarily
complex. What would be the best approach to feed different product databases
to different users, without making a hacked mess of my catalog installation.

Thanks, David Radovanovic

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