[ic] postcode field in state database

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Apr 14 09:39:10 EDT 2005

Quoting Jeff Fearn (jefffearn at gmail.com):
> On 4/13/05, Mike Heins <mike at perusion.com> wrote:
> > We try to discourage people from hacking on the core, since there is
> > almost always a way to add these types of features without doing
> > it. Hacking the core makes upgrades a nightmare, and I bet there
> > are a lot of people running 4.9.x for just such a reason. I
> > developed catalogs for 4.9.x and when 5.x versions come out, I just
> > upgrade over the top and it is almost always trouble-free.
> Just to change tack for a minute, say I wanted to add some
> functionality to the cancel order process, such as generating an X12
> EDI 998 document to cancel a warehouse shipping order generated during
> the ordering process. How would I do that without hacking the
> update_order_status tag?

You may have a point there. You need to override the update_order_status
tag, but it is not easy to do without moving files after a reinstall.

In any case, we don't consider moving those files and
changing them to be the same as hacking on a module.

I just added an Override parameter which allows you to override
a tag that came with the core:

	UserTag update-order-status Override 1

You have to set all the keys again, i.e. you can't override just the

So to override the tag in the core, copy it to the usertag/
directory as update_order_status.tag (not .coretag) and add that
line at the beginning.

> Also, I just noticed that cancelling an order does not return the
> items ordered to the inventory, is this a bug or a config problem at
> my end? I'll check it out, but I was bugging you already ;)

It's not REALLY a bug. We have had a number of threads on how IC is not
an inventory-management system...it would seem to be something that
could be added though, as long as people understand that. 8-)

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