[ic] how to access the price for options in cart

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Fri Apr 15 09:44:43 EDT 2005

>>> tim.g at edsd.com 04/13/05 12:43 PM >>>
> Dan,
> Thanks for the response. Do you know how the checkout
> process adds to item-subtotal if a particular option is
> selected?
> For instance, if you select yes "installed" which adds $.20 
> to the extended price. Where is this code located. Maybe I 
> could inject code snippet to tally installed items there?
> Tim Good

As far as i'm aware, the cart and checkout pages recheck the price of the item each time the cart is viewed.  To them, it's not "add $20 to the price"....it's more like "The current options for this item are <x>, <y>, and <z>.  Give me the current price."

I did think of a way you could calculate the installation fees....

for each $item in the cart, 
*  get the current price ([item-subtotal] could do that).  I'll call it "first price".
*  save the current value of $item->{installed}
*  set $item->{installed} to 0, '', or undef
*  Grabbing the price at this point will give you the price without installation fees.  I'll call this "second price".
*  Set $item->{installed} back to its former value
*  second price - first price ====>  installation fee for the current item


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