[ic] More info on problem...

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Sun Apr 17 21:45:53 EDT 2005

>>> kip at jkcrafts.com 04/16/05 11:29 PM >>>
> Hey All,
>To see the specifics of what is not working for me see my last message.
>I found another interesting message in /usr/local/interchange/error.log:
>- - - [16/April/2005:21:12:27 -0600] - - page server pid 10598 won't die!
>I get this message everytime I try to log in to my admin... in the 
>browser I get a 500 error and in the log file I get that message...
>Does anyone recognize this?
>Also I turned on debug with DBI message...
<snip DBI debug stuff>

I'm no expert at reading DBI's debug stuff, but it looks to me like the DB is working fine.

The suggestions below mostly make sense if you haven't changed any of the core files or edited the config files.  If you have changed anything, i could be more helpful if i knew what's been changed recently.

Anyway.....general checks that solve most of my problems......

I once had trouble with searches, flypages, etc when i had two products in the table with the same sku.  IC apparently doesn't set the sku as a primary/unique key unless you tell it to in the dbconf files, but it will freak out if sku's are duplicated.  Usually, though, this is only a problem if you import products without using IC's import pages....and it never kept IC processes from dying.  :)  So if you aren't getting that "page server pid XXX won't die!" message, this might be a waste of effort.
If you want to check the product table, though, the following query would show duplicates:
  SELECT sku, count(sku) as n from products group by sku having n > 1;

Also check the text file(products/products.txt), if you haven't restarted IC in a while.  If you've restarted it recently, though, IC would have freaked out over a bad text file, so that probably wouldn't be the problem.

If you've edited any files in the catalog, make sure IC can read/write them as appropriate.  Also make sure the catalog/tmp directory exists and is writable by IC, as that's where searches are stored so that it doesn't have to do so much work when someone clicks "next" or "previous".

If the searches were working before but aren't now, and you haven't changed **anything**, you might want to check your disk space.  A busy, inadequate, or paranoid server can quickly generate enough logs to fill a small HD or go over a typical user's disk quota.  Depending on the number of records your searches would return, this may not be the problem, as sessions are apparently getting saved.  But a big result set eats up a lot more disk space than an average session file.  And ml= only limits the results per page, not the number of records returned.

Slightly off topic:  you don't seem to have a color set for normal text.  My colors are set in reverse, so that the background is very dark and the text is nearly white, and that makes the main text on your site hard to read.  Adding the following line to your stylesheet should fix that without breaking anything else.

* { color: black; background: white }

Anything with a color already set shouldn't be affected.


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