[ic] Re: Changing a SKU

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Apr 19 17:21:34 EDT 2005

On 04/19/05 08:55, Mike Heins wrote:
>>Andre Bunting writes: 
>>>Good day all,
>>>		IS it possible to change the sku of a product already
>>>entered into the system ? if so how ? 
>>>I have tried in the admin gui.. and it doesn't seem possible..
> Assuming you use SQL, you can go to the Direct SQL tab and do:
> 	update products set sku = 'NEWSKU' where sku = 'OLDSKU'

I've Actually done it this way when I've had to go in and correct for 
nasty problems in SKUs (such as spaces in them).  The biggest problem 
with this approach is that nearly every other table is keyed to the Sku 
so you have to then update the options table ... twice, then the 
inventory table, then the merchandising table, then the forum table etc. 
and God help you if you forget one.  If one or more person(s) have 
bought that item in the past then it becomes way more complicated.

Much safer to clone the SKU in the admin, then delete, or mark the old 
sku as inactive (I prefer marking it as inactive so as not to mess up 
old purchase records).

I should mention that changing SKUs is nasty business.  Once a product 
is entered the SKU should be considered set in stone and should never 
ever be changed unless ablsolutely necessary.


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