[ic] Re: Changing a SKU

Joachim Leidinger info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Tue Apr 19 18:51:02 EDT 2005

Mike Heins wrote:
> Assuming you use SQL, you can go to the Direct SQL tab and do:
> 	update products set sku = 'NEWSKU' where sku = 'OLDSKU'

How can a stupid user create a new item and change the SKU with another 
SKU directly?
It is not an IC user. It is the client, who want to use the IC GUI to 
administrate the products.

In most common case, most clients of me have a special system to number 
any item and want that number as a SKU for the new item in IC.

How about to provide that wish as easy as possible?

Have a good day...

Joachim aka jojo

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