[ic] Shipping Method Popup/Message

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Tue Apr 19 23:40:51 EDT 2005

> Hi All,
> I have been looking around on the mailing lists etc for some info on how to
> make either a popup or message appear when a customer picks a certain
> shipping method or country. We are in Australia and the customer it belongs
> to uses a local courier for shipping inside aust or Australia post. Not sure
> what they are wanting to use for shipping to any other countries as yet but
> basically they do not want to use ups or fedex type shipping thats
> automactically calculated by state/country/zip code.
> I have been able to create a shipping method for all other countries in
> Australia but I cannot make it display a message and I cannot give it a 0
> value. Either im entering it in wrong or I have the wrong idea about
> Shipping messages. Basically we want to have a 0 cost for international
> shipping with a popup that says "you will be notified of the shipping charge
> once it is calculated blah blah"
> Not sure if thats something you would do per country or for the shipping
> mode. Also want another popup that appears if the shipping mode COD is
> picked by the user as this is also calculated based on weight and
> destination etc so the same deal here.
> I'm guess something like if mv_shipmode=intl  or cod then display whatever.
> We'd prefer a java popup then nobody can say they didnt see it but if it
> cant be done then a message under the shipping method would be fine.
> If anyone could help us out it would be greatly appreciated

    I use the following which you may find useful.

<SCRIPT>    // JavaScript  To alert the consumer abut shipping
  function warn_shipmode(form) {
   var sm = form.mv_shipmode.value;

   if (sm == "fedes") {
        alert("You have selected FedEx Express Shipping.");
   } else {
      if (sm == "fed2day") {
        alert("You have selected FedEx 2 Day Shipping.");
      } }

<SELECT class="inputselect" NAME=mv_shipmode onChange="warn_shipmode(this.form);
     mode=|[data table=country key='[default country US]' col=shipmodes]|


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