[ic] Quickpay payment module

Frederik Sørensen frederik at patch.dk
Sat Apr 23 13:24:55 EDT 2005

I'm setting up an interchange based shop in Denmark.
On the http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/payments/ page there 
is not any module made to support my payment gateway provider 
http://quickpay.dk/ of course that was expected.

Quickpay works this way.
When the users clicks Checkout he first enters shipping info and _not_ 
card info.
The page where the user enters card info comes from Quickpays SSL 
gateway. Like this:

When the card info is entered the user is shown either an error or an ok 
page from the SSL gateway.

This way is different from the default foundation shop where both 
shipping and card info is entered on the same page.

Is there a payment module that behaves like this? or any that come close 
so i have something to work from?

/Frederik Sørensen

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