[ic] Multiple product layout on flypage.html

Andre Bunting andreb at techess.com
Tue Apr 26 22:46:33 EDT 2005

Hi.. I have read this topic.. on that page.. 

I wish to know if anyone has done this before.. 

I would like to get their feed back on how effective it has work.. as well
as a working example..

Does this also mean that each item ended, one will have to set what flypage
to use ?(dumb quesito.. but I want to make sure)

Thanks a mil guys..


Ps what about the admin GUI where I have to enter data into... how can I
split that up for the different product categories... ?

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Andre Bunting [andreb at techess.com] wrote:
> I was wondering .. in my case I have clocks and watches..
> now on the flypage.html.. I was wondering if I can have an if statement to
> tell the flypage which layout to show, either the layout for clocks or
> the layout for watches.. 
> [snip: example code]
> Is the approve possible ? if so how to do it.. secondly .. what would I
> have to do so that in the admin section I would have two sets of input
> screens.. one for clocks.. others for watches ?
You could code two completely different layouts into one flypage.html
but what would happen, in the future, when you decide that you want
three types of layout (perhaps a new one for grandfather clocks)?  The
code could become very difficult to maintain after a while.

A cleaner solution be to use a different flypage for each product type.
See the "PageSelectField" configuration directive:


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