[ic] decimal rounding in admin interface

Jim Sustacek Jim.Sustacek at computercasesandcables.com
Wed Apr 27 10:55:53 EDT 2005

Quick question:  what's a sure-fire way to set standard decimal displays
for the admin interface?  We had to reinstall IC (5.0.1) and now it
rounds off all of the decimals in the admin area (for the
totals/taxes/shipping).  Everything's fine on the customer end, though,
and stored properly in the database.  I've tried manually setting the
locale "price picture" in catalog.cfg

Locale en_US price_picture "$ ###,###,###.##" 

But it has no effect (at least not on the admin interface).  Where can I
set this properly?  It's quite annoying.  Thanks -- Jim

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