[ic] TrackSub is Broke?

Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Sat Apr 30 18:54:16 EDT 2005

I'd like to use the option in the Track.pm module to define my own 
subroutine to save the tracking information but it appears to be broke 
or just impossible to do.  I've tried about every way I can think of to 
define TrackSub in my catalog.cfg file so $Vend::Cfg->{TrackSub} 
containing a reference to a subroutine.  There's no way to make it work.

What get's me the closest to working is putting the following in 

AddDirective  TrackSub

Then I put the following in catalog.cfg;

TrackSub customtrack
TrackSub <&EOR
sub {
    return 'test';

That gives me the following error:

Runtime error: Can't use string ("test") as a subroutine ref while 
"strict refs" in use at /usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/Track.pm line 188.

Could someone let me know how to define a subroutine ref to make this 
work?  Or is this just broke?



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