[ic] Checkout page error with 'selectedIndex' & 'elements'

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Mon Aug 1 12:29:47 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I have been trying to fix a problem I have since a while, I can't figure
it out. 
It's probably something small I don't see... Please share your thoughts
on what 
might cause this issue. I have 2 other interchange servers with catalogs
work fine, but this time, I can't see what's wrong.

Note: I have a Demo & 1 other store on this server that work great and
are fully fonctionnal.

Problem with this site is on checkout page. I have been playing with the
of the site, but I have only changed CSS class names in checkout.html
/catroot/include/checkout/* files. No other changes to these files.
is same as demo. 

So, I pick items to buy, proceed to checkout page.In the checkout page, 
the cart displays my items, and below is the form with customer info if
logged in. 

Problem Caracteristics:

1 - If I change shipping option, it will not refresh/recalculate the
price unless I press the cart's recalculate button on the page. Bottom
don't work. 

2 - The payment options box shows my desired options, but will not
the 'visible' part when selecting a different option. 'visible' part
will show 
when I press the top "recalculate" button.

3 - The "recalculate" button from the cart display up top works, but the
and recalculate buttons from the bottom of the page dont. I get error : 

"'selectedIndex' is null or not an object" OR "'elements' is null or not
an object" 
from the process file.

4 - No errors in my error.log, everything seems fine. Logging works when

I have problems.

5 - Cust. accounts creation, logins & info is all working good.
6 - Same problem with different PC's & different browsers.

Any ideas what I can check to hopefully fix this?
Thank in advance everyone

Martin H.

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