[ic] Re: Checkout page error with 'selectedIndex' & 'elements'

gert at 3edge.com gert at 3edge.com
Mon Aug 1 15:35:15 EDT 2005

N.E.S.T. Solutions writes: 

> Hello all, 
> I have been trying to fix a problem I have since a while, I can't figure
> it out. 
> It's probably something small I don't see... Please share your thoughts
> on what 
> might cause this issue. I have 2 other interchange servers with catalogs
> that 
> work fine, but this time, I can't see what's wrong. 
> Note: I have a Demo & 1 other store on this server that work great and
> that 
> are fully fonctionnal. 
> Problem with this site is on checkout page. I have been playing with the
> look 
> of the site, but I have only changed CSS class names in checkout.html
> and 
> /catroot/include/checkout/* files. No other changes to these files.
> Layout 
> is same as demo.  
> So, I pick items to buy, proceed to checkout page.In the checkout page, 
> the cart displays my items, and below is the form with customer info if
> I'm 
> logged in.  
> Problem Caracteristics: 
> 1 - If I change shipping option, it will not refresh/recalculate the
> total 
> price unless I press the cart's recalculate button on the page. Bottom
> button 
> don't work.  
> 2 - The payment options box shows my desired options, but will not
> refresh 
> the 'visible' part when selecting a different option. 'visible' part
> will show 
> when I press the top "recalculate" button. 
> 3 - The "recalculate" button from the cart display up top works, but the
> checkout 
> and recalculate buttons from the bottom of the page dont. I get error :  
> "'selectedIndex' is null or not an object" OR "'elements' is null or not
> an object" 
> from the process file. 
> 4 - No errors in my error.log, everything seems fine. Logging works when 
> I have problems. 
> 5 - Cust. accounts creation, logins & info is all working good.
> 6 - Same problem with different PC's & different browsers. 
> Any ideas what I can check to hopefully fix this?
> Thank in advance everyone 
> Martin H. 

I'd say there is a typo in a tag somewhere, either some javascript tag is 
not opened/closed well - an HTML tag not opened/closed well or one of the 
ITL is broken ... 

Is it possible for example to take the css files of one of the other sites 
and put them in place of the ones you have (after you copied them somewhere 
safe) ... Then see if the problem still exists .. If so then it is not 
likely the CSS ...
Then you could try to put the checkout.html page from one of your other 
sites (or the original) and see if it gives errors still ... If not then 
it's likely to be a code problem in the checkout.html page ....
If so then I'd comment out part by part (or temporarily remove it) to see 
when and where it breaks ... 

Good luck ... 

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