[ic] Checkout page error with 'selectedIndex' & 'elements'

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Tue Aug 2 20:08:46 EDT 2005

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> On Aug 1, 2005, at 6:47 PM, <music at labyrinth.net.au> 
> <music at labyrinth.net.au> wrote:
>>> Problem Caracteristics:
>>> 1 - If I change shipping option, it will not refresh/recalculate the
>>> total
>>> price unless I press the cart's recalculate button on the page.
>> I am fairly sure this is the default behaviour of the express  checkout 
>> page and the foundation store has been like this for a few  years.
>> Not sure if it is a bug or not but to get around it I have been  adding 
>> an 'Update Shipping' button to our checkout page alongside  the 
>> 'Recalculate' button.
>> Our 'Update Shipping' has the exact same functionality as the 
>> 'Recalculate' button however I believe it needs to be there to  avoid 
>> confusion.
>> (And no this isn't my idea, I noticed someone else has got around  the 
>> issue using this method when going through the IC Hall of Fame!)
> What about this:
> [shipping widget=select extra='onchange="this.form.submit()"']

Brilliant. Works a treat. I am adding this line to all of our more recent 
foundation based catalog checkout.html pages now!

(Note: Throws a fatal error on older 4.x foundation catalogs where 
checkout.html is all one file (without the includes) for some reason)

(Has this been added to foundation CSV for 5.3?)

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