[ic] Action Map - basics?

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Aug 3 08:18:21 EDT 2005

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> Quoting Simon <music at labyrinth.net.au> :
>>I am hoping to be able to display news items using URLs as follows:
>>My ActionMap (added to catalog.cfg) looks like:
>>ActionMap  news  <<EOR
>>sub {
>>        my ($action, $category) = split ('/', shift);
>>        $CGI->{mv_todo} ='search';
>>        $CGI->{mv_nextpage} = 'resultsnews';
>>        $CGI->{mv_search_file} = 'News';
>>        $CGI->{mv_searchtype} = 'db';
>>        $CGI->{mv_coordinate} = 'yes';
>>        $CGI->{mv_return_fields} = 'code';
>>        $CGI->{mv_matchlimit} = '10';
>>        $CGI->{mv_sort_field} = 'category';
>>        $CGI->{mv_sort_option} = 'f,n';
>>        $CGI->{mv_search_field} = 'category';
>>        $CGI->{mv_searchspec} = "$category";
>>        $CGI->{banner_text} = "$category";
>>        $Tag->update('process');
>>        return 1;
>>I am stuck trying to get anything to show up in the resultsnews page.
>>Can someone please advise what loop or list code I need to add to the 
>>resultsnews.html page to pull in the news items for selected categories 
>>and the correct tag to pull in data from the news table fields?
> I have implemented similar but more complex things as you
> described above. For this I simply use a [search-list] construct
> and [item-param ...] tags on the results pages.
> What ITL are you using on your  resultsnews page?

For example, in resultsnews.html I have tried:

[item-data News category]<br>
[item-data News newscontent]

I then call it with

however no content is returned and these ITL tags are simply displayed on 
the page...

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