[ic] Action Map - basics?

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Thu Aug 4 05:23:49 EDT 2005

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, music at labyrinth.net.au wrote:

> I am trying to add some code to our products flypage to generate an ActionMap 
> type link to 'news' relating to the flypage items product 'category'.
> [page news/[item-field category]]Latest news for this product category[/page]
> This works perfectly if the 'category' is a single word (i.e. Hammer) 
> generating a link that looks like:
> http://www.domain.com/storename/news/Hammers.html?id=YLX8cRV2&mv_pc=19553
> however if the category is two or more words (i.e. Hand Tools) the generated 
> link looks like this:
> http://www.domain.com/storename/news/Hand.html?id=YLX8cRV2&mv_arg=Tools&mv_pc=19358
> How do I instead generate a link so that it looks more appropriately like:
> http://www.domain.com/storename/news/Hand%20Tools.html?id=YLX8cRV2&mv_pc=19692

[page href="news/[item-field category]"]...</a>

(As long as you don't have any " characters in your categories. If you do, 
you'll need to do [item-filter somefilter] around [item-field category] 

Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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