[ic] Checkout page error with 'selectedIndex' & 'elements'

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Thu Aug 4 10:10:50 EDT 2005

>> 2 - The payment options box shows my desired options, but will not
>> refresh the 'visible' part when selecting a different option.  
>> 'visible' part will show when I press the top "recalculate" button.
>> 3 - The "recalculate" button from the cart display up top works,
>> but the checkout and recalculate buttons from the bottom of the  
>> page dont. I get error :
>> "'selectedIndex' is null or not an object" OR "'elements' is null
>> or not an object" from the process file.
>This is a long shot, but in your ord/checkout.html, try replacing the  
>include for the browser_payment to:
>[include include/checkout/old_browser_payment]
>I have had troubles before when it uses the new_browser_payment. It  
>might not be your browser -- it could be that something is screwed up  
>in that it won't work in any browser. Some of those classes may be  
>assigned dynamically, so be careful when you change things.
>> I wonder...My HDD had crashed, and I got all my files from a backup.
>> re-installed IC on a new fresh drive & OS and when I put my data in
>> catroot, I ended up with a few files that are named like 
>> .~.filename.extension, and they're only in the /etc, /config and 
>> /pages dirs. None like that in /include/checkout and /pages/ord
>> Are those backups made by IC in some situations? Should I remove
>I have those files too, some with two and three tildes, but only in  
>my catalogs that use CVS. They all have the same dates. I don't know  
>what they are for, but they aren't affecting anything here.
>Josh Lavin
>Kingdom Design   http://www.kingdomdesign.com/

Hi all,

I found what was causing the problem. I'm still in the learning process
for web development, so I don't really understand why it was an issue 
to start with...

It appears the name I gave for the checkout menubar button 
<img .... name="checkout" .....> so that I could onmouseover/out 
caused the rest of the page to not work properly. I changed it to
and everything works smooth now. Here's the lines:

<a href="[area ord/checkout]"
<img alt="[L]Check Out[/L]" name="check" border="0"

Might have been conflicting with the [area ord/checkout] ??

Martin H.

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