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Mark Bryant mark at eros-shop.co.uk
Wed Aug 10 12:54:10 EDT 2005

At 17:10 10/08/2005, you wrote:
>Anyone have any ideas on why my value is not being required upon checkout?
>Here is what I have done:
>File Changed: profiles.order
>Line Added:
>     termsagree=required
>File Changed: checkout.html
>Lines Added:
>     [error name=termsagree std_label="I agree to the terms and condtions."
>     <input type=checkbox name=termsagree value=1 [checked termsagree 1]>
>     [value name=termsagree set='']
>Thanks for looking.

Hi Brian,

Silly question probably, but did you edit the right part of profiles.order?

When I needed to add two required fields to my checkout page, one for Ts&C 
and one for the card's CVV, I added them both under the "credit_card" 
profile/section as that's what seemed to work for me. We only offer 
credit/debit card as payment method (hence why i stopped there), but I can 
see that for anyone wanting to take other methods this probably wouldn't 
work and more lines added to each relevant profile.

I've put my full credit_card profile and related code from the checkout 
page below for you:

__NAME__                            credit_card
[if value country =~ /^(US|CA)$/i]
&or phone_night=phone, phone_day=phone Must have day or evening phone number

mv_credit_card_security_code=required Please enter your card security code
mv_accepted_terms=required Please agree to the Eros Shop Terms and Conditions

&fatal = yes

&set = mv_payment Incomplete

[if variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE]
&credit_card=standard keep __CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED__
&charge=[var MV_PAYMENT_MODE][cgi mv_payment_test]
&set=mv_payment Real-time Credit Card (%c -- [var MV_PAYMENT_MODE])
&credit_card=standard __CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED__
&set=mv_payment Credit Card (%c)

&calc = $Values->{mv_payment} =~ s/\%c/$Values->{mv_credit_card_type}/g; 1;
&final = yes
&setcheck=mv_email [value email]


Basic HTML code from /ord/checkout.html:

[error name=mv_credit_card_security_code std_label="Security Code" 
<input type=text name="mv_credit_card_security_code" size="3" maxlength="4">

[error name=mv_accepted_terms std_label="Terms and Conditions" required=1]
I agree to the Eros Shop <a href="[area terms]" target="_blank">Terms & 
<input align="absmiddle" type="checkbox" name="mv_accepted_terms" value="1" 
[if value mv_accepted_terms]CHECKED[/if]><BR>
<small>(prevents you from continuing if not ticked)</small>

One final thought and I'm not sure if you need to do this, did you restart 
interchange and close all your browser windows (which my be caching the 

I find when IC starts doing odd things, it's normal my browser. A quick 
kill on all browser windows and starting afresh seems to get things working 
again in most cases.

Hope it works out :)


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