[ic] Re: intercept item insert in cart

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Aug 11 19:14:23 EDT 2005

Quoting Ethan Rowe (ethan at endpoint.com):
> ic at 3edge.com wrote:
> >Alessandro Poletto writes:
> >If you are using the foundation store I think you want to take a look in:
> >templates/components/cart
> >There's the information that is shown in the shopping cart ... and the 
> >SKU of the item in the basket is then [item-code] afaik.
> >I would think though that on average the placing of an item in the 
> >shopping cart is logged (in some session files(?)) and you could 
> >probably write something to analyse those? But not sure about that.
> >
> I have a CartTrigger directive I'm planning on submitting to the core 
> group for inclusion in the main Interchange distribution once I've 
> tested it a bit more... it's only a week old or so.  It allows you to 
> specify subroutines to execute whenever the cart contents change; the 
> changes are passed to the subroutine such that the sub gets a reference 
> to the affected cart, the new row, the old row, the action that 
> occurred, and the cart name.  But it isn't ready just yet, and will of 
> course need review by the IC core group.  Thus far it's working 
> reasonably well, but my tests have been pretty simple.

Could you look at modifying the existing ItemAction directive 
for this?

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