[ic] CookieName directive fails

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Fri Aug 12 05:25:10 EDT 2005

> Yes. And because the whole idea of CookieName is that you can 
> accept a cookie from some other program -- i.e. not generated
> by IC.

But then there's another problem at sight, isn't it.

When I set CookieName, and visit the site the first time, the cookie
gets created with contents being literally just 8 random 
chars (like say, "duYrlxYz").

However, when you access the second page, Interchange appends
other info to that cookie (":" in my case), and with
the default CookiePattern, the *session ID* goes along with
cookie contents from being "duYrlxYz" to becoming

Is this expected to happen?

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