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Thu Aug 18 01:27:17 EDT 2005

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Subject: [ic] Overhaul Admin UI

> My main way to interface with our catalog is through
> the Admin UI - which I find a thorougly unsatisfactory
> experience. It is clumsy, slow, and unreliable.

If this is not a troll...

I really like Interchanges default Admin UI. It runs about as fast as our 
stores, surely not slow.
Other than shell we use it exclusively to run all of our on-line stores, it 
is fairly straightforward, (once you get the hang of it) to customise the UI 
for different stores, or to use it to administer custom data in new tables 
using flex. So many other useful features built in and customisation 
options, too many to go into for this...

> I never really know what is going to be produced with a
> click on the "Apply Changes" button.

As far as I know all it does is read into memory any new catalog.cfg, 
variable.txt, major data table changes and template changes.

As far as clumsy, the only thing that springs to mind is that perhaps I 
would like to see the default matrix options setup made a little more 
intuitive. Though after adding a few help notes (using the UI) it is quite 

'clumsy, slow, unreliable' suggests to me you might be having server 
resource issues?

> I fully realize that most readers on this list use
> different methods to interact with IC catalogs. There
> is little incentive for them to improve the Admin UI.
> So how about making its overhaul a community project,
> similar to the projects that Mike Heins et al have
> listed on the Perusion site?

Improvements are always lovely! (I think we are spoilt; remember minimate! 
The first step would be to comment and discuss how it could be better?

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