[ic] Auto Sequence with Database Inserts

maillists lists at gmnet.net
Tue Aug 23 10:54:25 EDT 2005


I have read alot of conflicting info about this and nothing seems to
work for me so far.

This does not work at all when I put this in my .mysql file:
	Database addr addr.txt dbi:Pg
	Database addr AUTO_SEQUENCE 1
	Database addr COLUMN_DEF    "code=int SERIAL PRIMARY KEY"
	Database addr COLUMN_DEF    "val=varchar(128)"

I also saw and tried this:
Database  tablename  COLUMN_DEF  "code=INT(5) UNSIGNED AUTO_INCREMENT

I have also seen that I should put this in catalog.cfg:
Database tablename AUTO_SEQUENCE 1
or this:
Database foo AUTO_SEQUENCE foo_seq
or this:
Database foo AUTO_SEQUENCE code_seq

The IC docs don't even touch any of this.
I'm not sure what to put where to make it work. 
Are there any clear docs on how to set all this up?


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