[ic] Auto Sequence with Database Inserts

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Aug 23 13:08:48 EDT 2005

maillists writes: 

> Hi, 
> I have read alot of conflicting info about this and nothing seems to
> work for me so far. 
> This does not work at all when I put this in my .mysql file:
> 	Database addr addr.txt dbi:Pg
> 	Database addr AUTO_SEQUENCE 1
> 	Database addr COLUMN_DEF    "code=int SERIAL PRIMARY KEY"
> 	Database addr COLUMN_DEF    "val=varchar(128)" 

An example in my setup for .mysql file (from foundation):
Database  state  state.txt    dbi:mysql:<DBNAME>
Database  state  AUTO_NUMBER  00001
Database  state  COLUMN_DEF   "code=CHAR(8) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY"
Database  state  COLUMN_DEF   "country=CHAR(20) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL" 

Don't know for settings in catalog.cfg. One thing I definately don't think 
is correct is the dbi:Pg .. .That sounds like Postgres to me instead of 

Good luck! 

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