[ic] Sending a (Binary) File to the User

Andrew Shelansky andrew at lunsfordgroup.com
Wed Aug 24 18:41:24 EDT 2005

Hello Interchange folks,
I'm trying to implement a downloadable-products feature... and I've hit a simple snag...
I know how to handle everything on the order / payment front, and even have a setup that lets a user request a download.  I have an action that can tell that they either are or are not entitled to the file.
But I can't figure out how to make Interchange return the file (instead of showing a normal page).
At first I tinkered with the file tag... tried making my page be just a one-line [file name="[scratch filename]"] call... but that didn't do anything at all...
I can have the action load the file and put it in a scratch variable or something... just need help getting the file out to the user...
-- Andrew
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