[ic] Re: Populating area and cat databases

Bernd Hentig bernd at ixsoft.de
Wed Aug 31 06:52:49 EDT 2005

ok, auto populating the area/cat DB now works very well once I figured 
out this menu was moved to Misc ;-)
Thanks Gilberto !
I also switched my catalogue to MySQL as Stefan advised, now our demo 
shop is much faster.

Since area/cat is a deprecated method for building/using menus, I also 
tried again with the "new" Design->Menu Loader and MySQL. The error 
messages disappeared (so GDBM will not work with the "new" menu styles 
?), the tree database was build correctly (as far as I can tell from a 
look into the "tree" table) but - nothing is displayed if I use the 
component "vertical category for menu builder and tree DB" in the page.

I checked this component and from my little knowledge about ITL, I would 
say it looks correct.
Is there a way to debug ITL (except with "printf" :-) so I can see 
what's going on or should I upgrade my catalog to 5.3 ?

Thank + Regards
Bernd Hentig

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